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Pclix XT Kit
Pclix XT is the affordable, portable, camera triggering solution. This XT Kit has everything you need except a Camera Control Cable. Click "More" for additional information.

Price: US$150.00

Pclix XT and C-150 Bundle
For all you folks shooting Video on supported Canon DSLRs this bundle is for you. Everything you need to be up and running in minutes is included. Click "more" for additional information.

Price: US$180.00

C-150 - Extendible Infrared Trigger Cable
The huge advantage of our C-150 cable is that you can extend it using standard user supplied BNC video cable, up to 200 feet.

Price: US$35.00

Pclix LT/XT Upgrade Kit (Do It Yourself)
Pclix LT/XT Upgrade Kit. This kit allows you to give your original Pclix LT the features of the new Pclix XT.

Price: US$35.00

Pclix LT/XT Upgrade Kit (Don't Do It Yourself)
If you would like to Upgrade your Pclix LT but do not want to install the upgrade yourself then order this option. Click "More" for additional information.

Price: US$35.00


C-200 - Double Infrared Cable
C-200 - Double Infrared Cable
Similar to our C-100 cable except two cameras of the same make and model can be triggered at the same time using infrared light (IR).

Product Code:C-200

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A few of our clients require the ability to trigger 2 cameras at the same time using one Pclix XT. This cable serves that purpose, it can trigger two cameras which share the same model programming code. See Pclix XT Manual for programming mode details. Both Infrared cables are 39" (1 m) in length.

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