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We manufacture many different camera control cables for many different still and video camera models. Basically there are two main categories to choose from. The first are Infrared Cables, these cables are used to trigger a camera using Infrared Light. Cameras which can be triggered using Infrared LIght have an infrared receiver located on the camera body, generally this is located very close to the lens, usually above and to one side. As a general rule Infrared triggering works with a small handful of older point and shoot cameras, a few older DSLRs, some newer DSLRs and almost all Supported Video Cameras. Infrared triggering is also used to trigger the Canon 5DMKII and the 7D to start and stop recording or take stills. Below are the 3 different Infrared Cable which we manufacture and stock. All are compatible with every camera we support which is triggered using Infrared Light.


C-100_cable C-150_cable C-200_cable

C-100 Single Infrared Cable
1 meter - $22 USD

C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable
(Use your own BNC Video cable
to extend this cable up to 200 feet.)
1 meter - $35 USD 

C-200 Double Infrared Cable
1 meter - $35 USD 

The second category of cables are ones which directly connect between your camera and the Pclix XT. Your camera MUST have a remote connector in order to use one of these cables. Most manufactures use proprietary remote connectors which means they are not readily available. All our cables have built in electronic protection meaning both your camera nor the Pclix will be damaged when they are connected together. 

A general rule of thumb is this; If your camera can be triggered using both Infrared Light or a directly connected Camera Control Cable then we recommend using the Control Cable over Infrared. While infrared triggering is extremely relabel it is still light passing from one device to another. There is aways a chance that this light can be blocked or interfered with. 

All of the cables below are listed in our online store and can be individually selected and added to your order. They are also listed on our Still Camera Compatibility page. 

C-80_cable C-90_Nikon C-300_cable

C-80 Nikon
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 

C-90 Nikon
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 
C-300 Canon, Pentax, Samsung
Camera Control Cable
$25 USD 
C-400_cable C-500_Panasonic

C-320 Canon
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 

C-400 Nikon
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 

C-500 Panasonic
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 

C-530_Olympus C-540_Olympus C-700_Sony

C-530 Olympus
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 

C-540 Olympus
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 
C-700 Sony
Camera Control Cable
$30 USD 






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