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"What a great little product. Thanks so much."

John McDonald, Boston, USA


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All sales from our online store are in USD. During checkout you can elect to pay us directly by VISA, Mastercard or Paypal. If you choose Paypal other credit card options are available including American Express and Discover Cards. If you live within driving distance from our office then cash is also accepted. It should be noted that if you provide payment using Visa or Mastercard to us directly your credit card will be charged on the day your your order is shipped. If you provide payment using Paypal then you will be charged when your order is placed. Feel free to call us if you would like to place your order over the phone providing you are paying by Visa, Mastercard or cash. If you intend to provide payment using Paypal then you must order though our online store.

Due to the times in which we live many banks are extremely cautious when it comes to credit card charges for items purchased on the Internet. If your payment is blocked by your bank we will notify you via email or by phone as soon as possible. You will at that point have to contact your bank in order to release the funds to us.

All products sold by Pclix are covered by our exclusive TWO year warranty covering all manufacturing defects and electrical component failures including camera control cables and power supplies. This warranty does not cover any damages to our products however caused. We will at our discretion either replace or repair any defective products and will do so as quickly as possible.

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