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The affordable, portable, camera triggering solution.

If you have the desire to easily photograph time-lapse sequences or the need for controlling video recording using digital still cameras or digital video cameras then the Pclix XT is for you. Not only is it easy to use and program, the Pclix XT is compatible with a long list of Digital Still Cameras* and Digital Video Cameras* including amazing recording control for cinematographers using Canon 5D MkII, 7D, 60D, T2i and T3i  DSLRs on set. Pclix products are being used by thousands and thousands of photographers and film makers all over the world. Many in some of the most challenging and remote corners of the planet. People are choosing our products over the competition because they are well designed, simple to use and extremely durable. The Pclix XT fits in the palm of your hand as easily as it fits into just about any camera bag. This little beauty is built to last and is fully supported with outstanding customer support. With the Pclix XT you can trigger to your camera every second or every hundred hours plus anywhere in between in one second increments. Using the Split Second Mode you can even trigger your camera in tenths of a second, giving you greater flexibilty when using shorter intervals. The Pclix XT has 99 interval settings directly at your fingertips. Ten of which can be programmed by you to any duration you choose up to 100 hours. As well the Pclix XT you can program how many images will be taken using the Image Count Option. There's a Start Delay Option plus the shutter can be held open for up to one hour using the Bulb Option.

If you are using a Digital Video Camera triggers can also be sent to start and stop your camera recording video clips, record only one clip or as many as you like at regular intervals. The length of your video clip can be up to 1 hour in length if you are interval shooting. Programming the Pclix XT is straight forward and extremely easy, user preferences are stored in flash memory forever or until modified by you when needed. Click Here to learn more about the Pclix XT and what this amazing little device can do for you.

* Check our Camera Compatibility Menu on the upper left of most pages including this one. There you will find information about how the Pclix XT triggers many different cameras, you can check if your digital still or digital video camera is supported by the Pclix XT. Plus you can learn the basics about shooting time-lapse movies from start to finish using a digital still or video camera.


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